4 different methods of breeding dogs

There are 4 different methods of breeding dogs 1.The first is a natural breeding. Where 2 dogs are bred at the optimal time naturally as nature intended. In cases of exotic breeds or large breeds, this method sometime requires help by one or more people. Whether on their own or with assistance, the 2 dogs must complete what’s called a tie to be complete and successful. This is where the males penis he been inserted and the ball has swelled inside the female causing them to be locked together or tied. This tie can be 5 minutes to as long as an hour depending on the dogs. This is the original and oldest method of dog breeding. 2. The second type of dog breeding is performing and AI or artifici

Why show your dog?

Here's a question that gets asked frequently. Why show my dog? It’s a great question and I will try to share some ideas to the benefit to showing your dog(s). First, let’s discuss a dog show and what it is. A dog show is an event held by a superintendant or an organization for the showing of purebred dogs and are held for different kennel clubs such as the AKC, UKC, ENCI, FCI, USBR and ABKC. This event is a place with rings where different breeds of dogs are shown together by breed to be displayed, compared amongst themselves to see which one represents the best of their particular breed. This is done by stacking, moving the dogs and allowing a professional judge to evaluate them and judge w

Neapolitan Mastiffs and socializing

Should I socialize my new Neapolitan Mastiff? At What age should I start socializing? Why should I socialize? Common questions you may be interested in knowing yourself. Let's start with the innate temperament and personality of the Neapolitan first so it can help explain why or why not socializing. The Neapolitan Mastiff is a true close quarter guardian. They are very loving, very protective and always very watchful of new people, animals or strangers. They can be alpha in nature and can be animal aggressive in some cases. These dogs were originally bred for guarding and protection against both people and animals so the instincts will always be there. The Neapolitan Mastiff is highly intell

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