"The Atlantean Sword"

Basil Poledouris 


American Molossus breedings planned

for American Molossus  and Neapolitan Mastiff puppies

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Greatness starts with choosing the right pair for breeding to preserve the great traits of the two Mastinos/Mastiffs/Molossus, and both building on what's consistant strengths and improving on weakness. Each breeding pair below is the right pair, carefully selected with great thought and vision behind each one.

Each breeding is very special and was selected to give you the very best American Molossus. See below and choose. You wont go wrong on any of the pairs below.

May God bless these breedings...

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Pups Due 7-22-2020

Old World Santino x Fiona

Pedigree Highlights

            Old World           Castellacio     Della Grotta Azzurra

What you can expect

The Old World Prototype

Massive bodies, huge bones and Extreme Heads

Living with the Neapolitan Mastiff





Waiting list

Highlighted in red are females

1. Paul Clegg (Black male) Deposit

2. ShaeLynn MenLove (Male) Deposit

3. Joseph Bartos (female or male) $1000 Deposit

4. Joseph Carrero (Female) Blue deposit



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All breedings subject to change based on availability




Get on the waiting list and send deposit by clicking on the button above