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Located in Southern California, Marcus Curtis has established a worldwide recognized name breeding Neapolitan Mastiffs since 1999 and The American Molossus since 2014. Marcus Curtis is the creator and owner of the Old World Mastinos line, owner of "THE DON" US Champion Old World Don Vito, 1 of the most sought after Neapolitan Mastiffs in the world. "THE DON" is the ideal extreme Neapolitan Mastiff and The foundation for The American Molossus.
If you are looking for an exceptional Neapolitan Mastiff or American Molossus in every way, there is none better than Old World Mastinos. If you want the best, come to the Source! Marcus Curtis, Old World Mastinos and the creators of the Original American Molossus.

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Old World Don Vito

Proven Sire


Son of Old World Perseus

Grandson of CH Argo de la Bahia


Proven Sire

Available for Stud services


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Birthdate: 3-25-2014


Age : 6 years



Color : Black brindle


Lines :

Old World, Major league, De La Bahia, Dello Stradone, Luxor, Del Castellaccio, Di Fondo Anfossi, TDY Chang, Della Grotta Azzurra, Del Fuedo Nisseno


Description :

The very example of Old World Mastinos. Huge, Long, beastly Mastino, black, great construction, strong rear, good topline, huge bone, great type, huge square head with a shorter wide and square muzzle. Extreme but within standard and with great movement. Temperament very true Mastino. Loving and very loyal but a true alpha and incredible guardian instincts.

Famous dogs in the pedigree- Old World Perseus, Mlm;s Old World Amara, Siciliana Dello Stradone, World Champon Brigante Del Castellaccio, IT and US CH Blanchos Zeus, Furio De La Bahia, US CH Argo De La Bahia, Caos Di Fondo Anfossi, Barone Del Castellaccio, Ferdinando Del Feudo Nisseno, Agamennone Di Fondo Anfossi, Donna Dello Stradone, Ernie Del Gheno, Masianello, IT CH Grey Taison Della Grotta Azzurra, Jeronimo Della Pineuca, Nazianale De La Panecua, IT CH Leone Dello Stradone

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Old World Don Vito


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Champion Old World Don Vito

Photo by the great 818 Concepts


"THE DON" Champion Old World Don Vito

Weiging in at 2 years old on 7-29-2016

Sold to New Zealand


Old World Ren

(Multi Best of Breed Winner)

Proven Sire

Son of US CH Coligola

nephew to US CH Argo

Available for stud by frozen semen only $5000




Age : 7.5 years


Reg : AKC


Color : Blue


Lines :

Old World, Del Mazzarino, De La Bahia, Cinciripini, Del Saratoga, Del Castellaccio, Di Fondo Anfossi, Della Grotta Azzurra. Historic Mastinos in his blood-line include World CH Brigante Del Castellaccio, World CG Carnera Della Grotta Azzurra, IT CH Grey and Black Taison Della Grotta Azzurra, Cinciripinis Capo, Furio De La Baha and Lagash Del Saratoga.


Description :

Ren is a product of years of hard work. Huge beautiful head, great type, huge bones, very little white, great length and movement, beautiful construction. Temperament very high drive, loyal and loving, very tolerant of other dogs.

Old World Ren at almost 3 years old.


Old World Ren at 4 years 4-27-2016.jpg

Above is Old World Ren

Taken in 5-19-2015


Old World


Son of Old World Santino x Old World Harlem

Grandsire "THE DON" CH Old World Don Vito, Great grandson of Old World Ren, great great  Grandsire US CH Argo

Proven sire Stud service $5000




Age : 17 months


Reg : AKC


Color : Black


Lines :

Old World Mastinos


Description :

Ice Cube is a muti generation Old World dog, 2 time Grandson of Old World Ren, Old World Perseus, Son of Old World Bane, Old World Sheeba and nephew of THE DON. He has huge bones, Huge square head, good construction, great movement, good expression and good guardian traits. Old World type

For more pics and pedigree click here

Old World Santino


Aka "Sonny"

Proven Sire-Available for Stud service $5000


Son of "THE DON" Old World Don Vito Grandson to Old World Perseus Nephew to Ben Ten Ardolino


Birthdate: 1-2-2017


Age : 3 years


Reg : AKC


Color : Black brindle


Lines :

Old World, Di Ardolino, De la Bahia, TDY Chang, Di Fondo Anfossi, Del Castellaccio, Della Grotta Azzurra, Patrizio Italia


Description :

Thick square head, thick body with strong rear, great type and expression with great movement. High drive. Temperament, loyal, loving, alpha with guardian traits.



Son of "THE DON" CH Old World Don Vito

2 X Don Vito



Birthdate : 1-26-2020


Age : 9 Months




Color : Black brindle

Lines : 

Old World, Del Gheno, Patrizio Italia De la Bahia, Castellaccio,  Del Castellaccio, Della Grotta Azzurra, Del Saratoga


Description :

Thick square head, thick body with strong rear, great type and expression with great movement. High drive. Temperament, loyal, loving, alpha with guardian traits.

Old World Anubis

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