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4 different methods of breeding dogs

There are 4 different methods of breeding dogs

1.The first is a natural breeding. Where 2 dogs are bred at the optimal time naturally as nature intended. In cases of exotic breeds or large breeds, this method sometime requires help by one or more people. Whether on their own or with assistance, the 2 dogs must complete what’s called a tie to be complete and successful. This is where the males penis he been inserted and the ball has swelled inside the female causing them to be locked together or tied. This tie can be 5 minutes to as long as an hour depending on the dogs. This is the original and oldest method of dog breeding.

2. The second type of dog breeding is performing and AI or artificial insemination. This is where a breeder would collect semen from a dog manually and using a syringe and pipette and injecting the fresh semen into the bitch with the goal of reaching the cervix. A breeder would purchase an AI kit containing rubber gloves, lubricant, alcohol swab, syringe, pipette and collection bag to perform this method.

3. The third method of dog breeding is a TI transcervical insemination. This must be performed by a licensed veterinarian and a reproductive specialist. This method is similar to an AI however it is performed by a reproductive specialist and they use a very sophisticated machine that can both insert the injection tube much further but it inflates to hold the injected semen in and is performed why being viewed by a camera. This method is very effective, the percentage of success rate is higher than the AI. The only downside on this method is that very few Vets perform this method and the bitch must be able to stay still for an extended period of time which can be quite difficult.

4. The fourth and final method with the highest success rate is surgical insemination. This where a licensed reproductive veterinarian will surgically make a small incision on the bitch right above her uterus and surgically place the semen directly onto the eggs placing the semen evenly in both ducts. All done surgically and with a camera with precise accuracy. This has the highest success rate percentages of all 4 methods which is 97-99% according to research. The downside to this method is similar to the TI very few Vets perform this procedure and it can be quite expensive.

Some final notes to these methods listed are that if you are considering breeding dogs get is much information you can first, make sure you have consulted experienced breeders for mentorship and never try performing any of these methods without knowing all the pros and cons of dog breeding such as dog health, basic reproduction, knowing about prenatal care of the bitch, whelping and the extreme costs of this endeavor. Dog breeding should be left to experienced dog breeders but at least now you know some basics of the 4 common methods of dog breeding.

I hope this blog was helpful and I look forward to seeing you in the ring one day. :-)

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