7 Mistakes new puppy owners make

The 7 mistakes new Mastino or American Molossus owners make 1. Impatience. Most people I’ve found see a Mastino or an American Molossus and they go nuts. I did as well but in doing so, they get frantic and get in a huge hurry to buy one without taking the time to educate themselves on the breed or breeds. These breeds are clearly unique not just in their looks but in their character, duties, function, size and temperament. I believe this is one of the mistakes new owners can make and possibly the worst. I highly encourage them to learn about the breeds. Go online, read magazine articles, books, youtube, social media, talk to different breeders and understand the breed first and if it’s

How to get my dog to gain weight

How can I get my dog to gain weight has got to be one of the most frequently asked questions I get. It's definitely something many people want to know so I decided to assist in answering that question. The first thing I will say is have your dog checked by a licensed veterinarian first to make sure your dog is completely normal and healthy. They can check their stool for worms and parasites, they can check for thyroid issues and other problematic issue that may be leading to your dog being under weight. The 2nd thing I would ask, is your dog really underweight? Does he/ she have a large tuck up for their breed? Is there ribs showing? Are they really young? Depending on the breed and age, the

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