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7 Mistakes new puppy owners make

The 7 mistakes new Mastino or American Molossus owners make

1. Impatience. Most people I’ve found see a Mastino or an American Molossus and they go nuts. I did as well but in doing so, they get frantic and get in a huge hurry to buy one without taking the time to educate themselves on the breed or breeds. These breeds are clearly unique

not just in their looks but in their character, duties, function, size and temperament. I believe this is one of the mistakes new owners can make and possibly the worst. I highly encourage them to learn about the breeds. Go online, read magazine articles, books, youtube, social media, talk to different breeders and understand the breed first and if it’s truly the right fit for you.

2. Vaccinations. Another common mistake new Mastinos and American Molossus owners make is finding out what vaccinations were given, when they were given from the breeder and what additional vaccinations are needed as well as when and what type of vaccinations are required. It is so tragic to see new owners get a puppy, don’t follow through on vaccinations and have their newest Mastino baby die of disease such as Parvo virus or Corona Virus when it could have easily been prevented. Showing off your puppy is an awesome feeling and so exciting but until they have had all vaccinations, it could be deadly. Be careful.

3. Socializing. This one is crucial as the Mastino and American Molossus is a very large dog that can be very stubborn and can be an alpha as well. Proper and constant socializing is a must. Showing your puppy lots of love and attention, introducing them to many different people, in different situations is key. Your Mastinos and American Molossus coming in contact with different people, different dogs, hearing different sounds and being put in different situations builds confidence in them will help them and you and make for a great and balanced dog.

4. Over exercising. This is mistake that falls under education of the breed but can be a big mistake and a fatal one. Mastinos and American Molossus are very large, heavy bodied dogs with large bones under a heavy structure. They grow very fast and have lots of soft tissue, soft cartilage and spaced joints. Because of this, too much exercise, excessive running, jumping, climbing and rough horse play and injure your young puppy and sometimes injure them to a point where they are damaged for life or damaged to a point where the poor puppy must be humanely destroyed. This can easily be prevented and knowing this you now can use discretion with their activity as a young pup.

5. Pairing. Another mistake that can go from very friendly to an unnecessary injury or death is putting a young Mastino or American Molossus pup with an adult. This should never be done when they are very young pups unless with mom. Once they are older they can be introduced, socialized with adults but under supervision only till they mature. I’ve seen, read and heard of puppies getting injured from rough playing to being killed by an adult. Again, Mastinos and American Molossus are very large and with a small puppy, it’s very easy for them to do either even with the best intentions. Be careful.

6. Diet. Here’s a mistake to try to avoid. Talk with your breeder and always discuss the diet for your Mastino. If you have educated yourself on the breed, selected the right breeder for you and like how their dogs look, you definitely should take their advice on proper diet. A breeder works very hard to produce a great, healthy, good looking dog and are usually very educated on this breed and have had success so follow the leader. Don’t under feed and don’t over feed your pup. Give them high quality kibble that your breeder suggests and let the genetics do the rest.

7. Toys. Toys are an exciting and fun thing for young puppies. It brings them joy, fun, it stimulates their mind and is great for safely burning injury. That being said, if you aren’t careful, it can also be deadly. Mastinos and American Molossus love to eat and chew like most other puppies but they have this uncanny desire to swallow toys and things as well. They’ve been known to eat and swallow, small toys as you might think but many other things like keys, lighters, shoes, socks, towels, soda cans, bottles even whole tug ropes. This isn’t good for the dog but can cause severe pain, injury, surgery and even death. Have fun but be very watchful of what your new puppy has at their disposal.

8. These are 7 common mistakes new Mastino and American Molossus owners make. Now they can be their mistake and hopefully not yours.

To learn more about Mastinos or the American Molossus please check us out at and follow us on instagram OldWorldMastinos and American Molossus also on YouTube Old World Mastinos


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