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More clients

friends and visitors of Old World Mastinos

The Rossi family's baby boy with Old World Deimos


The Pandaan Family from San Diego with Old World Domiano 5-2014

Reselle, son and Corey with Old World Sheeba


Allen, Haley and Old World Cleo 6-7-2014

Mario Big Momo with Old World Perseus II 5-2014

Daria with Old World Cleopatra

A picture of Old World clients and friends at our 1st annual Bark in the Park. 8-2014

Old World Sonny Black with a new fan

Son of Old World Ren and Old World Pandora

Longtime friend Thierry Paratore of Della Vecchia Roma with Old World Ren 12-20-2014

Old World Deimos with his baby brother Julien

Old World Domiano at 9 months

with his owner Mike Pandaan

Old World Cleopatra at 11 months with her owner

Daria Knolls

Old World Domiano

at 1 year with owner the Famous Fitness Guru

Peter Nielson

Old World pup with Mrs Anderson


Old World pup with Lisa


Felice Napolitano

With a 4 month Capo

Mastinos Di Napoli

Cecelio the Neo

with his owner

Joe D


Old World Cleopatra

at 20 months

      Camron M. with his 10 month old baby

Old World Thumbalina

with her owner

Me and good friend Enrique with some Old World pups

Old World Khaleesi at 11 months with owner Mario Big Momo Rodriguez

Old World Luca Brosi (Mega) at 8 months

With Owner Mario Big Momo Rodriguez

Old World Khaleesi at 1 year old

with her owner Salina Padilla

Devon Curtis with Old World Perseus

Old World pup with Courtney and Zane


Old World pup with Camron


Visit from Danny Sanchez

Southern Cali Mastino breeder


Reselle Old World Family member and client

here with 22 month THE DON 2-13-2016

Corey visiting our Kennel on 2-13-2016

Posing with THE DON at 22 months

Joe and Lisa visiting from New Jersey

Macas Molossus and Mastinos del Manicomio

visiting Old World Mastinos

Fans with Odissea

Another happy client with her pup Old World Peste

Mr and Mrs Washburn with Old World Caine

8 weeks 10-07-2016

Erika H with her Old World pup

8 weeks 10-7-2016

Joey of Del Pescatore Mastinos visting

Flossy Paws kennels with their Old World Mastino

Daniel D. with his new Old World Baby Dio at 8 weeks

Johnny S with their Old World pup

8 weeks 10-07-2016

Daniel D with Old World Dio

8 weeks 10-8-2016

Neapolitan Mastiff puppies, clients, fans and friends

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