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"The Atlantean Sword"

Basil Poledouris 

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Puppies are here from Romano Della Rupe x Inland Empiure Phoebe

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Puppy Developement

10 to 14 days I can start to see and hear


up to 7 days old we can only sleep and suckle

At 4-5 weeks we begin to play with our littermates

At 6 weeks I have all my milk teeth

At 8 weeks I'm ready to go home with you

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An opportunity to own your very own Old World Mastinos


Contact Marcus Curtis if interested in getting placed on our waiting list for Neapolitan Mastiff Puppies for up coming Old World litters....


Should you buy a puppy? Watch this video first by Bully Max Supplements featuring Old World Mastinos.

Pictures are worth a 1000 words. Some of the greatest dogs ever are behind these Old World puppies.. Below are some Old World puppies to have an example....


Old World Anubis 8 weeks 3-25-2020.jpg


That special moment when a client gets their Old World Mastino.

Here our clients Zane and Courtney enjoy that special moment!!!

Parental Guidence

Training a dog is a life experience. Many parents admit that much of what they know about raising children they learned from caring for their dogs. Dogs respond to love, fairness and guidence, just as children do. Become a good dog owner and you may become an even better parent.

- Kennel Club Book (Neopolitan Mastiff)


Puppies Weening - 3 months, feed 3 times per day.

Puppies 3 - 6 months, feed 3 times per day.

Puppies 6 - 12 months, feed 2 times per day.

Normal active adults, feed 1-2 times per day.

         Puppy feeding schedule

Neapolitan Mastiff puppy at 4 weeks Bane x Sheeba

Helpful tips to wean pups from milk to food

Old World puppies having their very first meal other than breast milk at 3 weeks old.

Old World beasts at 4 weeks having a brunch.


Old World puppies first shots at 5 weeks. Here's instructions.

Below are examples of past Old World puppies produced and the quality of my Old World line...

Old World Ogre

at 8 weeks

Old World Bane

at 9 weeks

Old World Ren

at 8 weeks

Old World Don Vito

at 8 weeks

Old World Mr She

at 9 weeks

Old World Carlo Gambino

8 weeks

Old World Big and Black

at 10 weeks

Old World Lucky Luciano

at 8 weeks

Eleganza Della Vecchia Roma

at 7 weeks

Old World Ma Barker

at 8 weeks

Old WorldIce Cube

at 8 weeks

Old World Bonnie Parker

at 8.5 weeks

Old World Sasquatch

at 8 weeks 8-1-2017

Old World Lucky Luciano

at 7 weeks

Old World puppies at 6 weeks 5-6-2014

First day outside


All puppies can be available by week 10. All puppies are carefully evaluated by a liscensed Veterinarian and given a health certificate which is current to date with health vaccinations. All puppies are dewormed, AKC certified and will have a 1-year health guarantee.

(See puppy contract for details.)



Visit our breeding page for timetables of puppies due.

Below are some puppies sold in the past.

Videos of Old World puppies.

Old World Ren

Old World Perseus X Mlm's Old World Amara pups at just 14 days old

Mlm's Old World Amara @ 5-months

Old World Prisca

Sold to FouPaws Kennel!

Old World Pyrros

Sold to Anthony in New York!

Old World Cain sold to Francine

Old World Santino

                   Athena @ 6-weeks                     Drew of Triple X Bandogges and Mario with Old World pups

Old World Primulus @ 4-months

Old World Perseus @ 6-months


Contact Me for more information on Dogs For Sale!

Marcus Eli Curtis

Old World Mastinos, Owner


(909) 801-4713

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