Form after function

All modern breeds of dogs are by design. If you have ever designed something or have seen something designed with multiple, functional parts, you then know that everything must be considered in that design to serve its purpose. This is no different when it comes to the Canine. Its structural blueprint must provide for its function and its need for its master. In the design of American Molossus the design was such that it could do what his purpose was which was to guard and ward off strangers and unwanted guests, protect at all costs yet stay within close quarters. He needed intimidating size and looks, a large bark, he needed to be powerful and quick and an uncanny sense of loyalty to its ow

What is most important in a Neapolitan Mastiff or American Molossus?

I have held many discussions over the years and have been asked the questions numerous times, what is the most important thing in a Neapolitan Mastiff or American Molossus? It’s a great question and it's an important one. This question will be answered many different ways by many people and all will probably be great answers by most and all will have great merit. I will try to discuss many aspects of importance of the Neapolitan Mastiff and American Molossus but will end it with what is ultimately most important to me personally. The 1st answer and is covered most in discussions is the look. How should they look. There are many people that will say with conviction what the dog should look li

What colors do Neapolitan Mastiffs come in?

Hi everyone. A common question comes up and it is this week’s blog topic. What colors do the Neapolitan Mastiff come in? It’s a great question and is among the most common. Unfortunately unlike the Neapolitan Ice Cream, No, they don't come in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla lol. The term Neapolitan Mastiff is from their origin which would be Naples Italy. They do however come in four different colors. As their forefathers the Molossus they do come in black but they also come in the more common color blue (Grey), Mahogany (Reddish brown) and Tawny (Blonde). All 4 colors can be solid with white patches and all can have brindleing. The most common of the colors are Blue and it is the recessiv

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