How to choose the right STUD....

How to choose the right Stud. This is a frequently asked question and a very good question. There is no short or simple answer to this one. There are many questions a breeder should ask themselves before they should ever consider breeding or continue breeding but that's another topic so let's dive in. Most breeders when choosing a stud for their bitch will use the hot Champion at the time or their friends male or whatever male is easiest and cheapest to use. This is the most common and can actually prove to be a success but in the greatest amount of time, end up failing. When choosing the right stud, you must first understand your bitch. How is her confirmation, what are her true strengths,

Does my puppy have show potential?

Does my puppy have show potential? Good question. I am frequently asked this question and am happy to give some information on this. First, what is a show dog? A show dog is a good example of the breed. See This would be a great example of the breed standard by type from a visual aspect. By breed type does it truly look correct? In the case of the Neapolitan Mastiff as seen in the above link, does your puppy have these visual traits. A puppy that was selected by a well established breeder with a history of producing dogs that look correct according to the breed standard and has a proven track record of producing similar dogs and c

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