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Neapolitan Mastiffs and socializing

Should I socialize my new Neapolitan Mastiff? At What age should I start socializing? Why should I socialize? Common questions you may be interested in knowing yourself.

Let's start with the innate temperament and personality of the Neapolitan first so it can help explain why or why not socializing.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a true close quarter guardian. They are very loving, very protective and always very watchful of new people, animals or strangers. They can be alpha in nature and can be animal aggressive in some cases. These dogs were originally bred for guarding and protection against both people and animals so the instincts will always be there.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is highly intelligent but can be very stubborn so mix all these ingredients up with their massive size and it can be trouble.

So, let's get into the answer to these questions. Should I socialize my new Neapolitan Mastiff? Yes. As soon as possible and as often as possible. The sheer size and innate character is already there but due to the size, personality and temperament, it’s crucial for their success and yours. Walks around many people of all ages and crowd sizes, dog parks, different places with different sounds are all great ways to socialize your young Mastino pup and will build their confidence as well as give them positive stimulation. They will also learn that people and other dogs are ok and friendly and will benefit you in all aspects including guardian training should you pursue that

At what age should I start socializing? As soon as they have had all their puppy vaccinations. You can’t start that process too young. In fact we at Old World Mastinos start day 1. They are shown love from their nursing mom but held and shown love and affection till they leave as well as get interaction with other Mastinos, children and introduced to other stimulations and noises.

Why should I socialize? This is covered thoroughly in the previous text but I want to emphasize that these Mastinos are very large, very powerful dogs that can be stubborn. Socializing is an absolute must.

I hope this Q&A on socialization was helpful and I hope to see you in the ring one day!

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